Welcome to Full Force Tumble & Cheer


OUR new gym address: 1401 MLK Blvd. El Campo, Texas 77437

Mailing address remains the same: PO Box 1465 El Campo, Texas 77437


Full Force offers a variety of classes:

  • Tumbling I--Tiny Tumblers/Beginner--Ages 3-6
  • Tumbling I--Intermediate/Advanced--Ages 7 & up
  • Tumbling II--Minimum requirement: Round off flip flop NO SPOT--Any age
  • Tumbling III--Minimum requirement: Round off flip flop tuck NO SPOT--Any age
  • Elite Tumbling--Standing tucks & Full twisting layouts--Any age
  • Private Lessons--Any age
  • Competitive & Show Cheerleading Teams--All Levels--Ages 4-18

 Please call for more information about our program! or e-mail info@fullforcetumblecheer.com

Due to congestion and an increase in traffic we are changing how to drop off/pick up your kiddos! All athletes will still continue to be dropped off at the main doors, but parents will now enter off of MLK Blvd instead of Gladys Street. All tumbling classes will be picked up at the Full Force Parking Lot, you can enter from MLK or Gladys street to pick up. Please note that all traffic is now two way and that speed limits are SLOW & SLOW. We have tons of children around here and safety is a MUST! Team kids, no matter what class they are attending will be picked up at the Front Parking Lot. Any athletes that drive please park in the Full Force Parking Lot. This new procedure will start on August 1st. Please beware of striping and arrows throughout our facility. Thanks!

If you have lost/misplaced the map we handed out, feel free to come by the office to pick one up!

Thank you!!!